At Abbey Equine Therapy Centre we aim to provide a complete service for your horse with everything you need under one roof. We have an underwater treadmill, solarium, laser unit, McTimoney Corley Practitioner and full rehabilitation unit on site as well as vets, physiotherapists, saddlers and many other professionals all making regular visits.

We cater for all horses from top level competition horses who require additional fitness and strength to excel in their chosen discipline to your best friend who takes you out for a hack at the weekend. We are experienced with the rehabilitation of many different injuries as well as knowledge of how to work to improve the development of your horses to allow you and them to shine when in the spotlight.

We are a dedicated team who work closely together with your vets and other professionals to create the best possible outcomes for your horse, we will design and individual plan for you in order to gain the results you are looking for. We also firmly believe that prevention of an injury is as important as any treatment post injury and offer a whole range of assessment and treatment solutions to benefit both physical performance and general well being.